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Congratulations and welcome to voiio!

We are happy to have you in the team, we know that starting a new job can be both exciting and a little bit daunting. This guide is meant to help you get settled.

Improve Onboarding

We try to keep this onboarding guide as complete as possible. But things do change and some parts of this guide might be outdated or are simply missing.

Please add information that is missing and correct misleading or overhauled sections of this guide.

Onboarding Buddy

Your onboarding buddy is a team member which will be there with you along the onboarding journey, he or she will welcome and support you, as well as answer questions that you might have.


To make sure you get a smooth onboarding and enjoy it, your buddy will be there to help you accomplish the following checklist.

We believe that the best way is to get started gradually, and work on issues of increasing depth, this is the progression of your first tasks:

  1. A documentation ticket to improve our documentation and to get you acquainted with our development and deployment pipeline.

  2. Fix a small technical issue using some technology you already know. This will be close to vanilla Python/Django or Javascript/Lit.

  3. A more challenging technical issue, this time you will get to work with a part of our stack that is new to you.

  4. Now you are ready to dive into our business domain and solve a substantive issue for one of our products and its users.

First Day

First Week

First Month

Finally find the person who updated the guide before you and thank him or her for their efforts :)