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voiio is closing the gap between having to manage your job and your family. We are a German based B2B family service provider.

This document contains all information related to our software engineering here at voiio. You will find documentation on our hiring processes and a glimpse into our day to day lives.

Join Us!

We are excited that you are interested in joining our team. Our hiring process consists of five simple steps:

  1. your application
  2. a quick phone call
  3. coding challenge (optional)
  4. the interview
  5. a reference check

You can find more information about our application process in our application guide.


Code of Conduct

We take great pride in providing a workspace and atmosphere that is productive and safe for everyone. Therefore, the following code of conduct applies to all our public repositories, office interactions and social events.

Open Source

Almost our entire stack is based upon open source tools and libraries and all platforms we build upon have a strong relationship with open source and free software.

Please check out our open source policy for more information.

Our Stack

Good chefs keep their knifes sharp. We believe the same is true for software engineers, which is why we always aim to use the best tools available and don’t mind investing into our setup.

You can find our full tech stack on stackshare.io/voiio.

We use dependabot to keep all our Python and NodeJS dependencies up to date on a daily base.

devOps and QA

We do not hire dedicated devOps and QA engineers. We do not hire devOps engineers because we are not in the business of running data centers but improving family’s lives. We use Heroku and AWS to worry about most devOps related problems and have a full CD pipeline setup for our applications.

We believe that writing automated tests for your own code helps you to deliver better results and become a better engineer. Therefor, we do not have dedicated QA engineers. For us writing tests is part of writing features.