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Application Guide

strength and weaknesses

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We hire for potential, not experience. If you have a bright mind and fit into our team, we can teach you everything you need to make an impact.

What is a good team fit? You should take your work serious and not yourself.


Our hiring process consists of five simple steps:

  1. your application
  2. a quick phone call
  3. a coding challenge (optional)
  4. the interview
  5. a reference check

How to apply

You can either apply for an open position or write an unsolicited application via email at career@voiio.de.

Your application should include:

Don’t be shy! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have everything in place. Just submit your application incomplete. You can always send us more later.

Introduction call

If we like what we see on paper, we will invite you to a quick 30-minute call. This is your and our first chance to get to know each other. It is a casual call. You don’t have to prepare anything. We will be explaining to you a bit more about our company and might be asking for some missing information to complete your application.

After the call, we will reassess and take a look at the code you have provided or send you a coding challenge.

Coding challenge (optional)

We like looking at an applicant’s code. Should you not have any public code on GitHub or any other project you can share with us, we might ask you to complete a small coding challenge.

We believe a coding challenge should be small and completed in less than two hours. We don’t want to waste both your and our time.

We will send you the challenge via email. You can submit your results and any time, but not that your application process is put on hold until you have completed the challenge.

The interview

The interview will be one and a half hours long. We usually invite you to our office if possible. If not, we will do a Video interview instead.

You will be interviewed by our senior engineers and meet one of our founders.

We don’t do whiteboard coding or bother you with linked lists. Our technical interviews reflect the way we work. We will simply have some technical discussions about technology and ask you for your opinion. You don’t need to prepare, so put down your algorithm book ;)


Before we make a final decision, we always like to talk to a reference. Preferably this would be a professional reference, it does not need to be a previous supervisor a colleague will do. We just would like to speak to someone who already had the pleasure to work with you.

Should you not be able to provide a professional reference, a personal one will do too.